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: 0408046301
: Dr. Iman Permana, B.S.(P.E.), M.M.
: Laki laki
Tempat, Tanggal lahir
: Banjarmasin, 1963-04-08
Program Studi
: Aktuaria
: Human Resource Manajemen
Judul Desertasi, Tesis
: Tesis : A Study on Management System of Human Resources Development in Caltex Pacific Indonesia in Relation with the Company’s Change Efforts toward Transformational Leadership
Desertasi : Analyses on the Key Drivers of Engagement, Enablement, and Empowerment for Developing Employee Excellence in Select Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia
Pengampu Mata Kuliah

1. Human Resource Management, Human Capital Management
Riwayat Pendidikan

1. Colorado School of Mines - Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering , Tahun lulus : 19872. Institut Teknologi Bandung - Magister Management in Business and Administration of Technology , Tahun lulus : 19983. Institut Teknologi Bandung - Doctor of Science in Management , Tahun lulus : 2015
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Publikasi ilmiah

1. Customer satisfaction: its antecedents, its roles, and its consequences (A Literature-mapping review of empirical findings)2. Developing a framework for building sustainable employee excellence through the constructs of engagement, enablement, and empowerment in manufacturing environment in Indonesia3. Exploring potential drivers of employee engagement, enablement, and empowerment: A quest toward developing a framework for building sustainable employee excellence for manufacturing environment in Indonesia4. Determining relative-importance of the drivers of employee engagement, enablement, and empowerment using analytic hierarchy process for developing sustainable employee excellence in manufacturing environment in Indonesia5. How Organizational Health Index can be used to improve long term performance in a state-owned enterprise in Indonesia6. Fostering employee excellence in select manufacturing companies in Indonesia through employee engagement, enablement, and empowerment